What is Six Figure Mentor

Six Figure Salary Pic

In August 2010, six figure mentor was released originally by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross (those two people are well known  in the online marketing, and both of them own a huge experience of it) as a way for them to be emotionally rewarded for helping others live the same kind of generous lifestyle as they brag about living.

This program is mostly aimed at letting you to earn more as you work less number of hours by empowering you with the tools, the knowledge and training that you need in order to run a successful online business.

SFM also gives you the option of earning more by becoming an associate and marketing and selling the program between your contacts.

In accordance with their website there are 3 different membership packages, you have Intro package, Basic package and Elite package. The primary membership fees, which is supposed to be paid for one time is different wildly across these 3 packages. The Intro membership costs $30, the Basic membership is $300 and Elite membership is $2300 respectively.

The differences between basic and elite is that the Elite membership will allow you to access all the modules of the SFM program, and contains some of the live coaching sessions with the founders, Jay and Stuart.

While you are learning and experiencing more, you will be asked if you would like to upgrade to some of the more expensive packages.

You have as well a monthly membership fee, which for the Intro membership will set you back by $ 30 and $ 100 for the other two.

Still, that is not all.

If you decide on the elite membership package, you will qualify for the Digital Experts Academy program. The Digital Experts Academy program or DEA is presented as a kind of an “online university” where you can have communications with some of the top industry professionals, and the founders as well. And this is where the associate marketing program frequently associated with the SFM program is actually based.

There are different levels of membership in the DEA as well, which are Elite, Gold, Silver, Black and Platinum.

On the other hand, they are prohibitively pretty an investment because the Black membership package cost around $ 30,000 or more).

In order to regain your costs, you could become a partner of the six figure mentor and market their products to your contacts, with the chance to earn up to forty percent commission on the programs you sell. Now you can decide whether is this six figure mentor program good or is it maybe a scam?

Also, you need to keep in mind that there is a basic Internet/Affiliate Marketing Knowledge which you can find and download for free on the Internet, and it is called multi level marketing or MLM.

You should check out Dr Brad’s SFM bonus fresh for 2015, it could help you a lot.

So, if you have time, you should find it. If not, you can always relay on SFM, and they will teach you the same.

Also, there is rumor that six figure mentors paid out over forty million dollars in commissions since it was started from 2010.

The thing is – they must be doing something right. Or maybe not? Maybe they just want to lure you into buying the expensive up-sells?